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Meet Anna

Trinity Wellness Group Director
Certified Trauma Gates™ Practitioner

 I have enjoyed helping people in their healing journey for over 20 years. I consider it an honor to be asked to join you as you move toward your goals of great health! Everything I offer reflects my own journey as I have 

I have enjoyed helping people move toward their goals of greater health for over 25 years. As a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, I was certified in Trauma Touch Therapy™ (TTT) while trying to understand why some issues were so persistent and seemingly unreachable. Understanding how the cycle of trauma affects cellular memory and our overall well-being has led me on a journey of discovery. I have sense blended various concepts of somatic therapies with other trauma healing techniques to create something new! Trauma Gates™ is not a therapeutic massage but a beautiful culmination of resiliency and somatic techniques to regulate, release, and integrate the mind, body, and spirit.


Healing from trauma has been an integral part of my own healing process, and I am pleased to be able to offer this transformative process to my clients. I am certified in Trauma Touch Therapy™ and a Trauma Gates™ practitioner.

I moved to Redding with my husband, Monty, and teenage son, Avery, in 2015 from a small mountain town in southwestern Colorado. We love the Redding community and are excited to be growing our lives and business in this beautiful place we now call home!

Trauma Gates

To book with Anna, call 970.903.0509

My Philosophy

​Healing happens in layers. I have a firm belief in a holistic healing approach, not simply treating separate parts. The body speaks and I listen! When you come in for a treatment, you will have an experience that reaches the deepest places of your soul, leaving you feeling empowered, peaceful, and balanced.

Contact Anna Apple

for questions and scheduling call  970.903.0509

zoom appointments available

"Anna creates a safe, peaceful space for you to be present with yourself. She's very intuitive and attentive in her therapy, leaving you feeling taken care of and literally 'in good hands.'" - K. S., Redding

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