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Meet April

Licensed Massage Therapist
& Certified 
Trauma Gates™ Practitioner

Since becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2008 at the Center for Natural Wellness in NY I’ve had a passion to help women, men and children find rest and reconnections with their bodies.

In 2016 I moved to California and started to go through healing of my own. I was in a lot of pain while working but had a hard time letting myself be cared for. Friends introduced me to an incredible LMT who did Neuromyofascial massage. Her care was so nurturing. It broke down a lot of walls I had regarding self-care. Later, as my body was healing, I started Trauma Gates Therapy. This therapy helped me to re-establish connection with my body and feel safe unlocking trauma that I had been holding on to. Because of the results I received, I knew I needed to provide these techniques to all my clients!


What is Neuro-Myofascial Therapy and what to expect?

Neuro-Myofascial Therapy is a gentle pressure technique that very effectively manipulates

the fascia tissue of the body. This fascia typically has common pain patterns that can sometimes be easily treated. We’ll go over your symptoms and line them up with solutions for those pain patterns.

*This technique is the basis for most appointments.


I also specialize in techniques including:

•    Swedish (relaxation) Massage

•    Pregnancy Massage (prenatal & postnatal)


What is Trauma Gates Therapy?

“Trauma Gates™ unwinds the nervous system by using a series of proven self-regulation techniques throughout a series of 10 weekly sessions. Unwinding the nervous system allows the body to gently release trauma from the cellular memory. As it surfaces it can now be dealt with in a protected and safe manner.”

I work with all age groups; however, my passion is to work with youth and young adults (ages 12 and up, boys and girls) interested in building self-confidence, and safe body awareness. By developing powerful self-regulating techniques to use throughout everyday life my clients set themselves up to love themselves and develop healthy relationships!

For more information on Trauma Gates and if it’s right for you and/or your children please go to I encourage you to read about Trauma Gates or call me at 530-691-6850 before making your appointment.

*Massage Therapy and Trauma Gates are two completely different therapies.

or call 530.691.6850

The slow rhythmic tone to these massages assists the body in unwinding and letting go of stress and anxiety.

Working with April has been such a gift. She creates a wonderful and nurturing space. April is tender, gentle, and caring. Before I started Trauma Gates, I was beginning to be aware of recurrent difficulty connecting with people and the environment around me. Sometimes I would feel as if I were a shell going through motions rather than feeling all of me is present to engage with people and my environment. With April, I have been learning to reconnect with my body and the environment around me. The Trauma Gates tools have created a greater awareness inside me. I feel more present with myself and with people. Trauma Gates has been instrumental in helping me to release buried emotions and to have a closer relationship with my body. If you feel disconnected from people or sometimes feel like you are just "going through the motions" in life, then I recommend Trauma Gates to you. 


A.H. Redding, CA

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