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Meet Cristy

Emotional Health/Personal Growth Consultant

Trauma Specialist & Brain Spotting

I am a Nationally Board Certified Counselor. I practiced as a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in trauma and addiction in Michigan for 10 years before relocating to Redding CA in 2016. I graduated from Liberty University in VA with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1992 and began working in the criminal justice field and education before returning to school to obtain a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling and School Counseling in 2009. I am currently pursuing my Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with California Southern University. I am an avid researcher and lover of Truth and am passionate about Quantum Physics and Neuroscience.


I completed intensive training through the National Institute of Trauma and Loss in Children in 2009. I was one of 11 authors that drafted the Michigan Department of Community Health's Rape Prevention and Education Program in 2010. 


I am trained in Brainspotting  - A clinical treatment model integrating the Science of Attachment, Neurobiology and Trauma Responses. 


I believe that being understood brings about healing and provides hope to my clients. My desire is to provide a safe place that allows my clients to feel heard, validated, and understood. We work together as a team to bring healing to the soul and to reach the goal of living life to one's fullest potential. This is created by deriving meaning and purpose from within, creating a state of flow.

To book with Cristy, call 530.276.8308

Being understood brings about healing and provides hope!

"Highly educated in her field, Cristy Carr, is one of many therapists that I have asked to help me through my traumas. Thankfully, I believe she is the last one I will ever need. Near the end of my search and feeling like I was broken beyond repair, I gave therapy one last try. I was regularly dissociating and debilitated by panic attacks and suicide ideation. To say that she helped me set myself free from suffering is an understatement. Guided with her knowledge, passion, and confidence I was able to change my core beliefs about myself and life in general. In my 34 years of life I have never felt this light and hopeful. I finally feel like I can live up to my full potential and enjoy it for all it offers! I can't recommend her enough!" - Naomi

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