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Meet Danielle

Certified Trauma Gates™ Practitioner

I have always been passionate about health and healing from a holistic perspective for as long as I can remember. For 18 years, I was that homeschool mom who was researching all the things. I loved creating homemade remedies, learning about the development of the brain, and the effects of trauma so that I could help my children thrive. I have been on my own personal healing journey for over 12 years.  Through this process, there have been various forms of therapy I have experienced and many ‘tools’ I’ve been gifted by amazing therapists along the way. For this, I am eternally thankful. It has been through this process that the desire to come alongside and help others on their healing journey was birthed.


While studying at National Holistic Institute for massage therapy, I was introduced to Trauma Gates™ therapy. Learning about this gentle somatic process that brings awareness to the part the nervous system plays in our healing; is the missing piece I had been looking for! Integration of the mind, and body is vital for our healing and ability to thrive. I consider myself a lifelong student of the healing arts, so it is my commitment to myself and my clients to continue to learn and grow. I consider it truly an honor to come alongside you on your journey. 

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The slow rhythmic tone to these massages assists the body in unwinding and letting go of stress and anxiety.

“My experience with Danielle was incredible. I felt so secure and safe during the Trauma Gates process and was able to connect with my body and my emotions in a new way. I had multiple DEEP emotional and physical traumas that presented themselves during the therapy with Danielle. I HIGHLY recommend her.” ~EJ

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