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Meet Jodi

Certified Coach

I have a great passion to see people thrive through loving themselves well. As you come out of trauma’s dysregulation, you begin to understand who you are in your uniqueness. You get glimpses of what you want and what is possible for your life. I can help you develop a deep appreciation and respect for yourself, as you continue to navigate the valleys and mountaintops of life.  


•  You see your life blossoming  

•  Your decision-making flows more naturally 

•  Hopes and dreams contained within you come to the surface 

•  Gain clarity and direction for moving forward 

•  Identify priorities and take steps to fulfill them  


Coaching can take you almost anywhere you want to go because the innate power to achieve and increase is within you. I’m looking forward to sharing a safe and empowering coaching space with you.  


•  In 2014, I became a certified life coach through Coach Training Alliance. I am also a member of Bethel Coaching and the International Coaching Federation.

•  I am trained in SOZO, Shabar, and Heart Transformation


I no longer live in Redding, CA but have moved to the east coast. I am available by Zoom appointments.

To book with Jodi, call 541.974.4411

Beach at Sunset

"Jodi is an outstanding coach. Her expertly cultivated skills have helped me navigate through the effects of long-term trauma. My counselor gave some insight but was unable to help me safely process and overcome the sometimes-crippling symptoms of C-PTSD. I truly wondered if I would ever function with courage and clarity again. Jodi helped me uncover and activate the strength and truth that was buried inside, empowering me to move from fearful to fierce in my journey toward freedom and wholeness.”  - Amanda K.

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