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Meet Yannick

Nutritional Consultant
Orthomolecular Medicine Practitioner

I am an Orthomolecular Medicine Practitioner from Switzerland. My passion is nutrition and helping people reach their full potential with Nutritherapy. I believe in a holistic and individual approach, combining biochemistry and nutrition. By muscle testing for a personalized assessment, I test everything that your body needs to detox, balance your organs and more. My strength is finding out which vital nutrients you need along with the sufficient quality and quantity to restore your health!
I have been running a successful practice since 2005, after being a teacher, personal trainer and fitness instructor. I moved to Redding in 2014 and opened my office here to serve this beautiful community. I have 4 lovely boys and we enjoy outdoor activities, camping and Nerf gun battles!
Feel better! Get your energy back! Restore your health!

Contact Yannick at NUTRAVIE

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Find hope and get real answers for your nutritional health journey!

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