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​I am having revelation of things that were healed that I was not aware were even related to my trauma! One example happened after the final session - a traumatic event happened, and I had the strength and ability to say “NO”. I was able to take authority over a tough situation! I boldly held boundaries. I was no longer affected by PTSD for this situation - WOW! Also, an old trigger was gone and I did not react in anger - in its rightful place was LOVE. I can’t thank you enough for your healing therapy, trustworthiness, and friendship! - D. Z., Redding, CA
I received a therapeutic massage from Anna. It was a birthday present from my husband. What a wonderful present! Anna is very friendly, kind, and discrete, and I felt very safe with her. The massage room was comfortable, warm, and I liked the fragrance/smell of pure essential oils. I liked the warm, soft blanket that covered my body. The massage was deep and I enjoyed it very much. After the massage, I felt completely relaxed and experienced so much more peace inside of me. Thank you so much, Anna. I recommend you to all my friends! - Hermien, Holland
I’ve endured several traumas in my life. I realized that what I was enduring was not normal and it was keeping me from living a full life. At age 29, I began therapy to help stop the negative impact that abuse and trauma was having on me and my children. At the age of 51, I had gone through a lot of counseling, treatments, and therapies that were very helpful and prepared me for Trauma Touch Therapy, releasing the trauma from my cellular memory. Right from the start, Anna was very caring and sensitive to the weightiness of my health.  Her professional approach let me know this therapy was customized to my individual needs. From the first session, her respect towards me as well as to her professionalism was palpable. She remained true and trustworthy to this healing process. I also stayed true to the process, as I wanted healing! It was truly miraculous! My take away and healing was to be reminded of how safe I am now, that Anna is safe, and that she cares deeply. - Dawn, Redding, CA
I was sexually abused as a young girl numerous times until I was 6-years-old. After that, I had a hard time sleeping. I liked to sleep on our couch in the living room and always slept with a night light on. Fear was my companion and I just thought that was normal. When I did Trauma Touch Therapy with Anna, I had the opportunity to work through my fears in a gentle way. It was very effective!I have not had to deal with fear since! I no longer sleep with a light on and sleep quite comfortably in bed every night. I also had lots of anxiety, but I now am able to recognize when I am beginning to feel anxious and I'm immediately able to deal with the anxious thoughts and become calm once again. This was very powerful therapy as part of the process of being healed from the years of abuse. Thank you, Anna! - Jayne, Colorado
Our three-year-old daughter came to us from a very hard place. Her birth and early years experienced trauma that most people never know. She was withdrawn and emotionally crippled. When our daughter was 7, Anna started working with her. Anna directly helped her process trauma through Trauma Touch Therapy and gentle massage. Our daughter always responded well to her time with Anna; they actually became good friends. We appreciate Anna’s professional, yet very approachable style that assisted our daughter on her journey to health! - Lisa H., Colorado
I have had a number of traumas in my life that I did not process well during the time surrounding those losses. Trauma Touch Therapy helped me identify areas that I was physically holding pain and strain in my body that was directly connected to my loss. With Anna's gentle methods and insight, she helped me identify and address the areas that needed her skills. Through a series of appointments, my body responded well - releasing  tension and pain. I am very thankful for my sessions with Trauma Touch Therapy. - Lisa, Colorado
Anna creates a safe, peaceful space for you to be present with yourself. She's very intuitive and attentive in her therapy, leaving you feeling taken care of and literally "in good hands." - K. S., Redding
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