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Trauma Gates Externship

Begins November 6, 2023  •  $775  •  On Location

Trauma Gates™ Externship is 63 hours supervised hands-on (3 clients with 10 sessions each, including 1 zoom client), 20 hours of coaching support including zoom calls.
Plus 15 hours therapist trade of 10 ea. Trauma Gates™ sessions.

  • Applicant must have completed the 40 hr. Trauma Gates™ Intensive training.

  • Complete externship within 8 mo. (unless other arrangements have been made)

Upon completion of Trauma Gates™ Certification Externship
    • A diploma of certification will be issued.
​    • 
You may promote yourself and advertise as a Trauma Gates™ Practitioner
    • You may not teach Trauma Gates™ material.
    • You may not write books, or articles on the Trauma Gates™ process unless you have received
       written approval from Anna Apple.

Practitioner Requirements

  • Work with 3 clients, including 1 zoom client (10 1.5 hr. sessions each) over the next 8 months at an “externship rate” ($45 - $65 session). Some may require more sessions at which time financial and time details can be discussed between client and practitioner.

  • Be available for weekly sessions. It is not advised that more than 1 week be skipped in the 10 sessions series for optimal results.

  • Practitioners will “trade” with another student and receive 10 Trauma Gates™ sessions. Sessions can be in-person or zoom appointments.

  • Practitioners must possess and be current with a license or certification from their professional licensing board.

  • Have professional liability insurance covering their scope of practice.

  • Fill out feedback forms for their Personal Advisor at the completion of each session and submit them weekly. Timely submission is required.

  • Personal Advisor reviews will be scheduled with the practitioner 2X throughout the externship.

  • Practitioners must attend 80% of the Zoom bi-monthly meetings. Time to be determined by each group. Recorded sessions are available for making up missed sessions. There will be 1 Zoom meeting a week for the first 2 weeks to launch externs.

  • Provide a professional space to work with clients.

  • Purchase a business license to operate as a sole proprietor for your city.

  • Practice appropriate self-care throughout the externship period.

Practitioners will need to complete all reading assignments
•    Boundaries by Townsend and Cloud
•    The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk
•    The Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kri
s Vallotton
•    Supernatural Freedom from the Captivity of Trauma by Mike Hutchings

A diploma of Certification for 103
 hr. training for Trauma Gates™ will be awarded.
(This training is non-accredited)


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