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Trauma Gates™ Intensive is a pre-requisite to the Externship and Certification.
All participants who sufficiently complete Trauma Gates™ Intensive will be provided with a Certificate of Completion.

Mission Statement
We are an apostolic business that equips professional practitioners in the body of Christ to offer Trauma Gates™ Therapy to people suffering from the somatic effects of trauma. Through this faith-based service, our practitioners provide an opportunity in the presence of Jehovah Rapha, God our healer to guide the clients through a process of gently releasing trauma from the cellular memory and developing new neuropathways of connection. In an atmosphere of love, peace, and safety, integration happens between the mind, body, and spirit. The outcome is a renewed sense of identity of themselves, feelings of powerfulness, connection and freedom.

What is Trauma Gates?
Trauma Gates™ is an advanced form of bodywork that is called somatic trauma therapy. It is an experience of “BEING” in the presence of God the healer, Jehovah Rapha, and applying science-based techniques for connection, resiliency, and self-regulation to unwind the nervous system, allowing it to release trauma from the cellular memory of the body. By providing a protected, safe environment to connect with memories and pain from past traumatic events that are stuck in the body’s cells, the client unwinds and releases. As this happens a powerful “new experience” takes place in the present moment with emotions, sensational expressions, and movement of the body. Through the release of incomplete trauma cycles from past traumatic events the client can slowly and gently rebuild the connection between their mind, body, and spirit in the presence of peace.

Trauma is released from the cellular memory, new neuropathways are developed, and integration of the mind and body takes place without re-traumatizing the person. The focus is on “BEING” present and connecting to the body’s somatic response (sensations), not the cognitive memory and emotions of the trauma story. Through rebuilding what had been stolen and shattered from past events the client is empowered with a new sense of self that feels safe and free! Trauma Gates™ is performed in a series of ten sessions, once a week for ten weeks. Some clients may require more sessions depending on their level of trauma. The client remains fully clothed and has complete control of the process through choice, perception of safety, and boundary awareness.

It is Christian faith-based in principle. 
     •   Who is the healer?
     •   Who does God say we are?
     •   What is the body to God?
     •   What is our power and authority as followers of Christ?

God is our healer! We have the privilege to partner with Him helping to guide the client through the safe, gentle unwinding of the nervous system to release trauma that has been stuck in the cellular memory of the body. The body being the Temple of the Holy Spirit is allowed a “new experience” that is empowering and reverently protected by the Trauma Gates™ practitioner. Through awareness of sensational responses and freedom of movement, neuropathways of connection between the mind and body are developed. The client realizes their personal power, authority, and sense of self to bring their body into alignment with who God says they are.



Some of my God-given talents and giftings were buried in past years due to unhealthy boundaries with myself and others. Once I went through a series of T.G. sessions with Anna, as well as the training, I was then able to act in line with my abilities and step into my calling as a T.G. practitioner and a Mental Health Counselor.    


Anna met all my expectations as a trainer and support facilitator. She provided an abundance of training material and communication, as well as patience, consistency, and encouragement throughout the whole process. Her passion and enthusiasm for Trauma Gates showed me that she genuinely cared about my success in becoming a T.G. practitioner.


One of my clients stated that Trauma Gates therapy enabled her to let down walls with her counselor which allowed major emotional breakthroughs and change in her relationships. She also stated that she had a new relationship with her body and finally felt at home within her body.

- Redding, CA

Who are Trauma Gates Practitioners?
As Trauma Gates™ practitioners we are followers of Jesus Christ and know Him as Jehovah Rapha, God that heals. We understand our Identity and authority as believers in Him.  We have the privilege to invite Holy Spirit into the healing process to be our guide and to facilitate a safe space for our clients to begin to build connections and trust once again. We give our clients an opportunity to encounter Creator God and themselves, which brings healing to the mind, body, and spirit. We don’t proselytize.

Every practitioner holds a certification from their professional licensing board that allows them to touch. i.e.: doctor, nurse, physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, psychotherapist.

Each professional brings unique experiences and gifts to the process. Practitioners will eventually develop their individualized niche and style of the Trauma Gates™ process. Often practitioners are drawn to healing work because of what they have overcome themselves.  Life experiences can lend much intuitive understanding and compassion to the process. It can also stir up suppressed emotions of their own. When this happens, it is strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity and seek inner healing with a professional. It is recommended that practitioners are seasoned in their field lending maturity and modeling a fruitful healing journey in their own life. Practice what you preach!


What does it look like for the client?
Ten consecutive weekly 1.5 hr. sessions with the client fully-clothed.

Trauma overwhelms the Autonomic Nervous System and its ability to regulate itself. The client will learn about their nervous system and how to identify when they are in a fight-or-flight-or freeze response. This is a “trigger” and a subconscious response to feeling threatened. Simple tools will be taught for self-regulation, resiliency, as well as boundary awareness.

In the process of the sessions, somatic sensational responses will occur opening a gateway to suppressed incomplete trauma cycles from the past.  The body will be given a place to release, thus completing the trauma cycle. This often happens with accompanying movement and/or emotions. Great care is taken to not retraumatize, keeping the process within the clients’ control where they feel safe and always have a choice.

At this point, a “new experience” has occurred, and new neuropathways are being developed for mind, body, and Spirit connection.

•   To encounter the peace, love, and healing power of Jehovah Rapha, Almighty God.
•   To release trauma that has been stored in the cellular memory of the body.
•   To develop new neural pathways of connection through the integration of the mind, body, and Spirit.
•   To increase body awareness and a greater sense of self which includes sensory development and healthy boundaries.
•   To feel powerful, and able to self-regulate the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) through connection to sensory sensitivity and resiliency techniques.
•   Resolves emotional triggers.
•   Improves relationships and ability to connect.
•   To increase the client’s capacity to process life.
•   To accept themselves with a tender heart of love and nurture. 
•   To discover new levels of feeling peaceful, free, connected, and alive!


Trauma Gates™ Intensive Daily Schedule

DAY              Morning          Afternoon           Evening

Thursday                               2 - 7:30       dinner is included    

Friday           8 - 12:30           2 - 5:30             7 - 9pm                    

Saturday       8 - 12:30           2 - 5:30             7 - 9pm                 

Sunday         8 - 12:30           2 - 5:30             7 - 9pm



To be completed prior to the Trauma Gates™ Intensive training.

•   Application must be filled out and payment made.
•   Practitioners must possess and be current with a license or certification from their professional licensing board that allows them to touch. i.e.: doctor, nurse, physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, psychotherapist. Copy submitted to Trauma Gates™.
•   Professional liability insurance covering their scope of practice. Copy submitted to Trauma Gates™.
•   Required Reading: Boundaries by Townsend and Cloud
•   Complete the Trauma Gates™ e-book and open book test prior to attending the intensive.
•   6 Hours of didactic on trauma, Part 1 & 2. Part 3 is an in-person intensive on-site training.
•   Upon receipt of application and payment, the Trauma Gates™ eBook and eTest will be sent.
•   Please read for understanding and become familiar with the concepts presented. Complete the final test (open book) with a passing score of 85% prior to attending the intensive.

Notice: Upon completion of 50 hours of training of set standards all recipients will receive a certificate of completion for the Trauma Gates™ Intensive.
     •  Practitioners may not advertise and promote themselves as a Trauma Gates™ Practitioner
     •  You may practice techniques learned in the Intensive Training.
     •  You may not use the Trauma Gates™ on cards, brochures, or advertisements for services.

Email completed application to: Upon receipt of the application and payment, the eBook and Test will be sent. This TEST is to be completed and passed prior to the Trauma Gates™ Practicum in-person training.

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